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Thread: Red Cap???

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    Red Cap???


    ive got an understanding problem regarding to an e-mail i received today.
    in there is written:

    My response in RED CAP.

    Can anyone tell me what RED CAP means?




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    Re: Red Cap???

    Well, it sort of depends on what the person was replying to. What was the previous email about? Without that context, it's near impossible to give you a correct answer. Guessing, I say, the color red is often used on-line to express one's anger, and the word CAP, which is short for capitals; i.e., ABCDEF. . ., is used to express SHOUTING.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Red Cap???

    In e-mail language RED CAP means exactly what Casiopea said but in opthalmology red cap response is a kind of test to check optic nerve disease. There is also one company named Red Cap Cards Inc.


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