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    Please Proofread My Descriptive Essay

    Hello. Im a senior in high school and I wrote a descriptive essay for my Ap language and arts class. Please be a strict as possible. Thanks in advance.

    “Sniff sniff”
    My cold was still persistent. Luckily the weekend was not over. By the sound of the giggling children outside, I could tell it was noon. I yelled upstairs,asking my mom if she could make me breakfast. She responded with silence. That meant I actually had to get up and cook my own food. My “Mom, but I’m sick”effect had worn off. Since my personality leans towards the lazy side, I waited half an hour before making my way up to the kitchen, although my stomach was growling and asking me for food. I squirmed upstairs to the kitchen with my head aching as if there was a dog fight in my head.

    When I got upstairs, the thought of what I was going to eat never crossed my mind.Did I want my usual warm creamy oatmeal, some fluffy buttermilk pancakes, or a steamy crunchy, but fluffy bacon and cheese omelet? The thought of crispy salty bacon pleased my taste buds, so I went with the omelet.
    Although a bacon and cheese omelet sounds good, the fun in making it comes when you add other ingredients. The recipe I use is a copy cat recipe I found on the internet that mimics IHOP’s Bacon temptation Omelet. The recipe list consists of milk, American cheese, eggs, bacon, and pancake mix.

    I started searching the refrigerator for more ingredients. Out of the food available,red onions and green peppers made the cut. I swiftly chopped the vegetables up and casted them aside. Now it was time to crisp up some bacon. Now it was time to crisp up the bacon. In no time I started cooking 5 pieces of bacon on a heated skillet and wait. Before long the bacon grease started popping like pop rocks in water. The aroma of crispy bacon filled the air.

    My brain had not woke up completely yet. The cheese sauce should have been cooking while the bacon was crisping. The cheese sauce is practically the main filler in the omelet. The sauce is thick and creamy. Regardless of how it tastes, cooking the cheese sauce is child’s play. I poured the shredded cheese and milk into a pan and melted it. After several minutes the cheese sauce was done.

    Now the time had come to cook the actual omelet. The green peppers, red onions,eggs, bacon, milk, and pancake mix were all poured into a container and whisked zealously. I whisked the mix longer than I should have, but I always enjoyed it when liquids spin around like a typhoon. After the whisking was done, I poured the mix onto a scorching skillet. Almost immediately the scent of the cooking vegetables gracefully ran its way through my nose. I streamed the cheese sauce down the middle of the omelet when it was almost done cooking. Next I folded the omelet and let it cook.

    About 5 minutes later,my perfection was complete. It was asight to behold. The vigorous colors of the red onions, green peppers, and yellow omelet demanded attention. Once the omelet was on my plate, I wasted no time going in for my first bite. The piquancy of the green peppers, sharpness of the cheese, the crunchy bacon, and the savoriness of the onions all complimented each other as if they were all mingling at a party on my tongue. I relished every minute of the experience.

    Besides waking up witha cold, I would say this was a great way to start my day. If I could, I wouldstart everyday in this exact manner.

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    Re: Please Proofread My Descriptive Essay

    Sorry, we can't do homework here. Your teacher will mark it.

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