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    Thumbs up What was it like being an ELL as a student?

    Hi ya'll,

    I am in a teaching credential program, and I have an assignment of interviewing an adult who went through school as an ELL. If there are any out there, reading this perhaps you could help answer a few questions.

    Please tell me about your background when you came to the US. How old were you? Did you understand much english? How much education did you receive in your previous country?

    How did the other students/kids in the class treat you? Were they welcoming, exclusive, tease you, or what was your perception?

    What were the differences between school in your native country and school here?

    Did you have a support system at home?

    And finally, what or how did teachers act towards you in class; do you feel like they were helpful and like you learned anything?

    I look forward to any replies I may get. Thanks!

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    Re: What was it like being an ELL as a student?

    I have moved this thread here where it's more likely to be seen by ELLs (English Language Learners).

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