Hey guys! I'm role-playing on a site and I was suggested to do a blog. It's more like a fake-gossip blog (NO CYBERBULLYING!!) Well anyways it's just for a roleplay! The thing is my english grammar is not that perfect and I'd be glad if you guys helped me and would correct my mistakes! Thanks!
So here's the first part of it :

Before I start talking about people from our community I'd like to clear up some facts about my blog

Gossip : A Gossip doesn't works alone..means you are actually the gossip girls, not me. Feel free to send in the newest gossip, rumors and so on. But remember not everything you hear is true - That's why it's called gossip.

Interviews : Isn't there something that you always wanted to asked someone from our community? Something personal? Some random questions? Here is your chance! Just send me the questions and the persons name and I will do the interview with that person. Accessory to this I've also a little interview blank with random questions about their role-play characters that I'll send to everyone of you!

Loser / Winner of the month : Every month there will be a poll where you can decide who's the winner and loser of the month. For example here. Loser of the month : "" X cheated on his girlfriend with her best friend and instead of apologizing he insulted her"" Winner of the month : Although X1 gets lot of hate she stays strong no matter what other people say. That's why she's our Winner"

Confessions : Is there any confession you'd like to publish as an anon? Any love confessions? Anything you'd like someone tell? Here's your chance to publish your thoughts your secrets - simple your confessions and nobody's gonna know who you are because you're simple just an anon. - Let your heart speak

Our favorite of the month : Here you can vote for your favorite person on our community BUT you've to tell us why the person is exactly your favorite person.

Missing : Is there any person you'd like to join again? Anyone you miss really badly? Let us know and send us a short infomation about the person you're missing and we'll make a post. If you're lucky enough the person will notice and maybe talk to you again!

Shippings : Who do you ship? Send us your personally ships. For example : " X and L should date. They're lovely together"

I've a crush on..: You've a crush on someone and would like to share with the whole world who it is but you'd like to stay anon though? Perfect chance to let the person know that you've a crush on her

Self promotion : You just joined and want to make new friends? Just let us know your url to your page and we will publish it so people will see that! AND I can also invite you to the community just send us your email!

New Comer : I'll make also a short post about the biggest new comer! Just send us some names and it'll be done!

Fake Suggestions : Sick and tired of the same celebrities joining our community? Then send us your suggestions so new beautiful people will join!

Person Describing also called "bashing" : You want me to talk about someone and describe the person? I'll for sure do that but remember I can't know every single person on our community so please if you want me to talk about someone then also give me short infomation about the person!

I think I've counted enough facts for you guys. Just click on "Ask" and send me whatever you want to. May it be the newest gossip or confessions or simply whatever! Also a little information - If you click on submit you can send us also screenshots or any picture you'd like to share with us! But don't forget to log out first if you want to send us as an anon! Enough said I guess now enjoy the blog!