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    Working Conditions
    Administrative services managers generally work in comfortable offices. Managers involved in contract administration and personal property procurement, use, and disposal may travel between their home office, branch offices, vendors' offices, and property sales sites. Also, facility managers who are responsible for the design of workspaces may spend time at construction sites and may travel between different facilities while monitoring the work of maintenance, grounds, and custodial staffs.
    Source: Career Information - Administrative Services Managers
    I have checked Dictionaries but in spite of that I can't see what "grounds" mean in my text.
    Would you please clarify it to me?

    Thank you.

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    Re: grounds

    not a teacher

    The complete phrase is: "…monitoring the work of maintenance staff, grounds staff and custodial staff."
    Here, "grounds" means the outside spaces of the facility including gardens, lawns and probably associated areas like drives, car parking etc.

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