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    Cool On Internet

    Does it work where "on Internet" is placed in the following sentence:

    "The company may temporarily and/or permanently stop on Internet website access or permanence."

    Or maybe:

    The company may temporarily and/or permanently stop website access or permanence through Internet."

    Any other way to express, in a more clear way, all this is taking place "ON INTERNET", despite the obviousness?

    It's an online service company, and it doesn't accept any liability at all as for its customers if its services are cut off for any external reason. I find "on Internet" is not required to understand the sentence, but for some reason the sentence seems to want to make clear the access to its websites is by way of Internet, which is somewhat obvious. My problem is where to place "on Internet" in a way the sentence does work, does make sense according to what I'm explaining.

    Thank You
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    Re: On Internet

    The company may temporarily and/or permanently stop Internet access.

    (The rest is just waffle and doesn't work for me)

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    Re: On Internet

    It needs to be "on the internet." But you are right that it is obvious. That is how you access websites.

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