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Thread: tense question

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    tense question

    For the past two decades Dr. Lynn Hertel, to the memory of whom a fund was created, ---- an instrumental role in maintaining the departmentís research efforts in parasitology and comparative immunology.

    A) has played
    B) is playing
    D) will have played
    D) played
    E) will be playing

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    Re: tense question

    hmm... I guess that only two options are possible here... (unless the guy is dead)

    has been playing - because he's probably still an important figure and still has a lot to say/do

    has played - quite similiar... however I think that p.p.c. suits better here,

    correct me if I'm wrong

    see ya,

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    Re: tense question

    I do think the guy is dead ( the memory of whom a fund was created...), so I would use a simple past "played"

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    Re: tense question

    Yes, I'd say D ("played") as well.

    To my ears, there's a slight dissonance in the sentence itself, though. "For the past two decades" suggests "a connection to the present" (i.e. his death is quite recent); so I would have expected "to the memory of whom a fund has been created".


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