Biological science is an expansive, profound and attractive scholarship, I am interested in the secrets behind humans or other organisms in the earth. That is the most reason why I chose biological science as my first choice. My thirst in biological science motivated me to study this field in depth.

My strong curiosity has guided me to read about human body. I am interested in biological science since secondary school. As the vice-chairperson of Science club, I am involved in holding inter-class science competitions and attending inter-school exhibition. To show my passion in Biological science, I decided to study Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management at HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College providing professional knowledge related to biological science. I found my interest in scientific research on project work which is to make a research proposal, learned the basic concept of search, foundational journal searching skills and logical thinking.

I assure my interest in laboratory work as my career field because of pervious working experience. I worked as a laboratory assistant of Vantage in Tai Po for 11 month. The main duties of this job include using scientific measuring equipment and applying science knowledge in quality control. Besides, I learned the problem-solving skill and importance of good teamwork. It is undeniably believed accuracy and carefulness as well as communication skill all are essential qualities to be a member in this field.

The understanding and awareness of sosci-cultural issues are required to be a competent university student. I am involved in a voluntary service team called V-circle. Through outreach activities, the hands on experience in contacting with the homeless and elderly provided opportunities for me to understand the actual situation of these underprivileged groups, I learned how to locate problems and provide corresponding measurements. Besides, it motivated my interest in Gerontology and other related studies.

I hope to study in depth and contribute in science. Having seriously considered my qualities and interests, I am firmly determined to follow this field. I am a hard-working and positive person. My enthusiasm in biological science, it will be the driving force motivating me to complete the program well and try to accomplish my goals successfully. I will truly appreciate if you can grant an interview for me.

Please help me to check my personal statement,and give me some comments
Thanks a lot :)