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    Post Azeri Vs. Azerbaijani

    Suppose that you have a friend from Azerbaijan.

    You say:
    "Mom, that's my friend. He speaks Azeri."
    "Mom, that's my friend. He speaks Azerbaijani."

    I know that both are correct but I want to know that native English speakers tend to use which one?
    Azeri or Azerbaijani? I mean I want to know which one is the most used one.

    No source/Self made general question
    Thank you

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    Re: Azeri Vs. Azerbaijani

    Very few of us ever refer to the language. I imagine that, unless we studied the language and/or worked in the country, in which case we'd know which word was more appropriate, we'd use Azerbaijani. That sounds more like the language the people of Azerbaijan would use than Azeri.

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