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    Question Alligator or crocodile?

    I would like to know the difference between alligator and crocodile?
    Sincerely, Monica Gil

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    Re: Alligator or crocodile?

    As far as I know... alligators are bigger than crocodiles...

    Still... both of them are reptiles,

    see ya,

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    Re: Alligator or crocodile?

    Crocodile- Old World
    Alligator- New World

    I think if you look at them when they are resting in the water, one will have just the eyes and nostrils clear of the surface.

    The other will have a large section of the uper jaw above the surface too.

    Cannot remember which one is which.

    There. I managed to resist making a joke about there being no difference anyway if you're close enough to tell.

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    Re: Alligator or crocodile?

    Quote Originally Posted by Naughty Beef
    Crocodile- Old World
    Alligator- New World
    Not so easy, apparently.

    Alligators are very closely related to crocodiles -- in fact, they are "crocodilian", and they come in two different species: American alligators (which do indeed live in the New World) and Chinese alligators. And, of course, crocodiles are native to Australia (amongst other countries), which is definitely not Old World from a European perspective.

    Alligators have broader snouts than crocodiles, and American alligators are usually darker than true crocodiles. The easiest way to tell them apart is that when they close their mouths, you can see a few of an alligator's teeth, but not those of a crocodile.

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    Re: Alligator or crocodile?

    I'll remember that so I can tell what I'm being eaten by.


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