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    When I use?

    I would like to know when necessaraly I can use:

    I, ME or MYSELF
    Is there any specific rule for that use?

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    Use I as a subject, me as an object. Use myself as a reflexive pronoun.
    • I did it.
      She helped me.
      I did it myself.

    Use me as the object of a preposition.
    • Is this for me?
      Let's keep this between you and me.

    Do not use me as a subject. Always use I.
    • Sharon and I went there together.
      Bob and I went to the football game.

    Use myself to refer back to the subject. Note its similarity to himself and herself.
    • Bob did it himself. He didn't have any help.
      Sharon has been talking to herself.
      I caught myself talking to myself.


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