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    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Please kindly proofread my essay.


    The twelve principles are obviously all very important. If you were forced, to prioritize them, which three principles would you pick to be at the top of your list? Why?

    1. Principle of Meaningful Learning
    Actually, every individual considers worthy to be learned becomes meaningful. Talking about students, we as teachers have to go beyond what they think is worthy. We should specifying and explaining the purpose of each unit, what it serves for, when and where to use language. In the emotional field, we have to know our learners, not from our own perspective or beliefs but we need to talk and find what they think is meaningful. Our main job is to make learning meaningful by presenting it as something worthy and useful to learn, maybe as a tool for passing exams, for getting good grades, or even to score. One clear example of how to make something meaningful is when asking permission to enter the class or go to the bathroom, a student who does not ask it in English can not enter or go the bathroom. It seems cruel but, it is not, most of the times they do it in English without a marked effort. This survival questions also help, besides practicing language, to create a respectful atmosphere in class. Sometimes it is funny because some of them can not pronounce as it should but at the end, they can and at the same time they will realize on the importance to learn such expressions.

    2. The Intrinsic Motivation Principle
    It is not only rewards that lead us to motivation. We indeed have to know, investigate and be aware of our students' motives to learn a new language. Actually, it can be done at the beginning of school term by asking students' expectations and also duties to accomplish such expectations, how they will do it, what they have to do in order to reach goals, their commitment and obligations they will be under. This way, teachers are able to elicit techniques to include topics students are interested in. For instance, music is a symbol of identity and a space of belonging. Therefore, we have to include music in which students feel that are expressing their identity or something that make them different from the rest of other groups. We have to approach to our students and invest time finding out their interests, motives, emotions, likes and dislikes.

    3. The Risk-Taking Principle
    As a teacher, we have the responsibility to encourage students to participate actively by providing support, guidance, and patience. Risk-taking in the classroom language leads students to get involved in activities, to practice more, to cooperate with classmates, to learn by correcting mistakes and reinforcing knowledge. Actually, students must practice with language. It does not matter if they make mistakes, or they are not fluent enough, or if they mispronounce words, or change word order; what matters is that they have a contact with language. The classroom has to be a respectful environment because students rapidly feel fragile or ridiculous in front of the class. We also could lower their anxiety by telling a story of how we made mistakes when learning English or something funny related to language learning. It is needed appraisal and encouragement in the classroom as well as some kind of reward, intrinsic or extrinsic.

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    Re: Proofreading

    When must you submit your essay to your teacher/tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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