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    please help me check it

    I could not forget that place where coupled with my chilhood memories: a place that had a lots of trees curving to a peaceful river which my friends and I used to have the happiest moments, a place that witness to the memoreble of my child hood. My thoughts drifted to the happy moments whenever thinking about it. I would have been a pity if we had not found this wonderful place.
    My friends and I found it by chance while we were playing nlind-man’s-buff nearby. It took us about 15 minutes to go there. For the firs time we saw it, a beautiful siaght struck my eyes: a deep blue river surrounded with a lots of trees and a verdant grass cover. However, the one thing attracted us above all others was a big tree with colourful leaves and the luxuriant blanket which could help cool us off in muggy summer days. Everytime the wind blow over, the tree daced and shook its branches, which made the colourful leaves fall. This scenery was so romantic that every passers-by just wanted to stop and stare at it. For that reason, we called there “love paradise”.
    Every weekends, my friends and I go to “love paradise” to catch fishes and swim. Sometimes, we lay under the breezy shade of that tree, sang a song and thought about a remote future. Some evenings, under the starry sky, we played blind-man’s-buff or sat around the fire and told each other some scary ghost stories. i was too chicken-hearted to go out some days later after hearing those stories until now. They were really the happiest moments in my life.
    I had always thought that life would continue to be the same for me. However, it was not the same as I had expected. One day, to my great sorrow, my parents annouced that I must leave this beloved countryside. Words can hardly express my feelings at that moment. “out of sigh, out of mind”, this thought suddenly occured in my mind. I was suddenly afraid of fogetting and being forgotten. I did not want to lose all my dear friends. I tried to talk my parents into leaving there and tried to know the reason for why I must move to another countryside. However, it was hopeless. I could not remember how much I cried that day.
    Time passes rapidly. It will soon be 10 years since I must leave my beloved countryside. However, it seems to happen just yesterday. All memories about the big tree and that “love paradise” where I used to have the happiest moments with my dear friends are still engraved in my mind. I suddenly realize my fear that year is such a silly thing now because I know every can change, but love is forever. Life nowadays is too busy for me to come back that place and see my old friend once again. Nevertheles, in my mind, I always believe my dream will come true in a near future.

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    Re: please help me check it

    Welcome to the forum. What is the purpose of your essay?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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