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    It's my 2nd essay. I want 6.5 band in writing task. Please give me a band score

    Some people say that government should provide help or protection to journalists . They should be given full freedom. Do u agree or not ? Why ?If agree then What should government do for journalist ?

    Journalism is very important and difficult profession. Journalists play a significant role for the emendation of our civilization. Journalists suffer from many catastrophic situation for the coverage of a news story. Some people say that Government should aid this profession whereas others think that there should be no provision for the help of journalists. I would like to assert that government should allocate a large amount for this sector .
    Presently, many news channels are telecasting the coverage stories of tough situation. They have to cover terrorist attacks,riots,floods and so on. People are watching breaking news in a safe atmosphere whereas journalists are capturing the truth in a camera at the cost of their valuable life. Many journalists die while covering a dangerous news story for example, a camera person and a journalist died in India while a riot in 1984.
    Furthermore, they have to suffer from political pressure. In modern scenario politicians are using media as a source of advertisement of their achievements. Politicians force them to telecast whatever they want . In addition, if they prepare a news story to terminate terrorism then they become the main target of anti social elements. To support my argument i would like to give an instance, an independent survey denotes that more than 180 journalists were killed by militants because they tried to raise their hand for the amendment of society or to terminate social evils.
    Eventually, i would like to assert that there should be a rigid policy for the protection of Journalists . Government should enact some preventive laws against the brutal attacks on this profession. They should be provided proper equipment while covering In a hazardous situation.
    All in all, journalism is a paramount profession of almost every democratic country. They should be given full freedom to convey truth to the people. Political pressure should also be terminated
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