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Thread: English Teacher

  1. Adriana Vásquez

    Cool English Teacher

    I need to register in this page

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: English Teacher

    you don't need to register in any page. you can use each one you like.
    if you dont know how to use this site, use the following structure.

    Using this site is not as difficult as you think. i'm not very old in this site , but i could find everything i need in it.
    first of all, you can use ( ask a teacher) in order to ask your questions and be sure if you don't say your question in a correct way, one of the ones who answers you will 1-send you the correct form of your question 2- answer your question correctly, ( as it happened to me before) .
    and be sure that all of us are here to improve our English, one with asking questions , one with answering them , and others with reading the questions and answers.
    If you have ny problem in Grammer, you can use the part ( articles) that you can see the icon at the top of this page.
    if you go to the first page, ( home page ) , in the left margin, you can see an icon named (search site ) there is a space under it that you can inter the topic you want to search in it.

    this was all the things i remembered to mention. but i'll be glad to answer your other questions , if YOU like.

    hope that helps


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