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    Question correction

    Hi everybody;

    Would you please tell me whether this sentence is correct or not?
    “I am writing to tell you about my holiday. I suppose it to be a warm and joyful time for me …”
    I become very glad if you have any suggestion to change this sentence.
    (To convey my message better.)

    Thanks a million

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    Re: correction

    You are writing in a very indirect style which I suspect may be a polite form of speech in your native language. In English these types of construction are less common and sound very unnatural. Try to use simpler forms: "It was a warm and joyful time..." is perfectly OK and sounds more natural. The use of "I suppose" is not correct in your sentence in any case. If you were to use this style, you would write "I found it to be...", but again I would discourage you from saying it this way because it appears contrived to a native speaker.

    Similarly, "I would be very glad if you could suggest how to change this sentence to convey my meaning more clearly." is the correct form.

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: correction

    Dear 1364
    although it seems that your sentence may be incorrect, but it guides us to the meaning, and make a long story short, everybody can understand what you mean by this sentence.
    but the only problem that I can see with this sentence is so much complicated know, you can use your sentences in simple ways, too. it is not necessary to make complex sentences. not only because the reader is in a low level of knowledge in english, but also because even the proffessional readers or even native speakers may become tired.Using complex structure is not a sign of knowledge. using the simplest order can be much more usefull.
    it was just a suggestion from a friend, and hope it doesn't bother you


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