People who immigrate to a new country should accept the culture as their own rather than live as separate minority groups with different lifestyles. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this day and age, immigration has become a key determinant of prosperity in the international context. However, whether newcomers should accept the new culture as their own or not remains as a topic open to debate. Some people say yes to it, while others prefer living as minortities with different lifestyles.

One of the benifits for immigrants to embrace the new culture as their own is that it enables them to get along with the locals. They will gain a better understanding of the moral values and outlooks pertaining to their localities, which helps to promote "living in harmony" with local residents. With cultural barriers ruduced, these immigrants are more likely to acclimatize themselves into the new communities. Another benifit lies in the fact that new immigrants can enhance their overseas experience when they accept a new culture. That is exactly why succesive waves of immigrants exist on the global level. Immigrants enrich the nation's culture, and vice versa; nations rely on immigrants to enhance their influence in the world as well, on the premise that immigrants develop a strong sense of nationhood.

On the other hand, those who refuse to assimilate into a new society may also see some gains. One of the prominent gains is that they can protect their own cultural traditions from being affected. By the way of separating theirs from the mainstream culture, they manage to uphold their identity. Just as discussed in the beginning, this practice will, however, do more harm than good to the interaction with the locals, rendering themselves alienated from the native born citizens. In addition, it may leads to clashes when their respective values conflict with one another, as well as jeopardizing social harmony.

In the final analysis, it is of great importance for newcomers to embrace the new culture as their own in order for them to well blend into a new society. But it is also noteworthy that they should preserve their own while accepting the new culture. Absorbing the essence of exotic culture never hurts.