Hello!Thank you very much for this forum!
Can you please review my motivation letter please?


Dear sir/ madam.
My name is Comred Austin,i'm living in Dar es salaam Tanzania,I’m applying for the master degree in Molecular Biology (Molecular life science), with specialization in cell and Molecular Biology. My carrier ambition is to become a scientist working with Research institution and Academic institution.

In high school I graduated with Biology, Chemistry and Physics as my majors and I have just graduated at the University of Dar es salaam this year 2013 with honorable degree majoring in Microbiology (Bachelor of Science in Microbiology).
As my first exposure in Molecular biology was when I was undertaking particular theoretical courses which brought strong interest in this field, this courses are ; Molecular Biotechnology, introduction to biotechnology and introduction to Bioinformatics in which I came to understand what the DNA, RNA and Protein are. I also leant several molecular technique which are; DNA cloning process, Gel electrophoresis extraction and purification of DNA, insertion of DNA into the vector and in the organism, Polymerase chain reaction, Molecular hybridization, DNA sequencing etc .The reason to why I’m very much interested in molecular biology is because of strong interest and passion to learn more on the area of Molecular Biology and its application to various disciplines namely; Microbiology, Parasitology ,Biotechnology and many other discipline. On the other hand it is an attempt to advance my skill and knowledge in areas of science.

My interest in scientific research came when I was taking practical training at Tanzania industrial Research and Development organization in my country and during my undergraduate research in which I performed a research entitled “Screening for Antioxidant potential of crude extract of streptomyces species isolated from the mangrove sediment of the coastal of Indian ocean in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania”.

Completing my academic knowledge, also I have leadership skill and communication .During my studies I have been serving as leader in several activities both in academic and non academic issue (social work) responsible for leading, educating, organizing and motivating members in particular activities. During all this time I learned several things on how to manage different people with different background and the role of emotions especially enthuasim in motivating others.
As my intention is to acquire knowledge in Molecular Biology, this program will be beneficial to me, my nation and the partner country, through performing collaborative research that will bring solution to variety medical ,Agriculture and environmental problems facing the world to days.
It’s my expectations that through getting this opportunity, will improve the relationship in the partner country that are Tanzania and Norway by cooperating in scientific research.
Given my past history of commitment to excellence, I am confident that I will bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to your program. I am sure to exceed your expectations, because of both my academic and interpersonal skills. Furthermore interdisciplinary education will add more diversity to your program.
Thank you for considering my application, and Iam looking forward to your acceptance
Sincerely yours
Comred Austin