So for English class we have a list of 16 different types of evidence and we have to classify them, the only problem is that I am SO stuck. Iím not great at English, and Iíve tried my best and looked on the web for hours, but I canít find anything. We have to take these 16 types of evidence (see below), and say whether they are Statistical, Testimonial Anecdotal, or Analogical evidence. PLEASE HELP CLASSIFY THESE, EVEN IG YOU DONíT KNOW ALL OF THEM I COULD STILL USE YOUR HELP! I also think I got a few, so Iíll put my answer in brackets beside it, and if you could confirm/change it that would be great. J

  1. Fact (Statistical)
  2. Definition (Statistical)
  3. Examples
  4. Lists
  5. Quotes (Statistical or Testimonial)
  6. Details
  7. Illustration Through Description
  8. Illustration Through Narration
  9. Questions
  10. Historical References
  11. Statements of Opinion
  12. Literary References
  13. Appeals to Authority Figures (Testimonial)
  14. Anecdotes (Anecdotal)
  15. Allusions