Experimental science is one type of many fields that has been evolved in the recent years.This justified by the large amount of experiments that have been carried on animals.
Firstly, performing some types of experiments was essential especially those that related to drugs.This is because, without those trials,pharmacists may not be able to identify enough information about drugs and its variable effects.To realize how this trend is really serious, we have to get back to the mids of the last century, when a pharmacist invented "Thalidomide", a new drug preventing vomiting in pregnants.However, this drug was evolutionary in its effect, it caused thousand cases that were born with permanent deformity.That is why, today licensing a new drug requires ten years or more of research and multiple trials on animals.
The previous argument is not completely true, as not all experiments are such dangerous if not tried firstly on animals. Like injection with previously known toxic substances.
In some west countries, scientists tried to innovate or replace such trials to carry it on toys and robots but unfortunately, the consequences were not as seen in animals.This is due to the fact,that robots neither toys have feelings and genes to be close to human beings.
In my opinion, i can stand that such type of trials should be first approved by an ethical committee that includes multiple experts in this field, to assess if there is a need to include mammals,birds or reptiles in it and at the same time to ensure protection the rights of animals as possible.
Moreover, with the fact that, it is unappropriate to perform this on human beings or any thing else,legislation and law is enough to gurantee this.