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    used to

    "Used to" express something happened regularly in the past :"I used to wake up at 6 when I was in school". But can "used to"
    mean something that reapets itself regularly now and not in the past? "I used to
    wake up soon every morning"
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: used to

    Hello Lenorj

    You can only say "I used to do X" when you no longer do X.


    1. I used to eat pickled onions in bed.

    (In the past, I regularly ate pickled onions in bed; but now I no longer do so.)

    2. I used to open beer bottles with my teeth.

    (In the past, I regularly opened beer bottles with my teeth; but now I no longer do so.)

    This structure shouldn't be confused with "to be used to doing something", which means "to be accustomed to do something", e.g.

    3. I'm used to getting up at 5 o'clock every morning.

    (I am accustomed to get up at 5.)


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    Re: used to

    1-I'm used to the weather in Siberia.
    2-I'm used to sleeping on the floor.
    After NP+ aux+ 'used to', we need a 1-NP or 2-gerund

    I used to swim every morning.
    After NP+'used to', we need a verb.


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