Hi, I am a new member here and It's my first post. I have strated learing English 4 years ago but I didn't focus on it and I interupted that .actually at the first I knew English a little bit.I really motivated to learn English and wish to understand movies, books news,, son on in English well, so I have recently decided to study English seriously. I made progress in reading well and somehow in writing and speaking but my biggest problem is listening.
I understand American better than british . It makes me crazy. at English school that I'm studying now, we have to listen and learn British accent. I think should be a way to improve faster. I listen to podcasts with thier lyrics . in podcast my problem is less coz they speak more slowly than real British conversation that I have to listen and learn.
i think in British people jion words to each other merge them or cut the end of words. i try to listen to oudio with subtitle but even with subtitle I canít recognize what they say!!! for example in American we write give but we say gimmi and so on. Can anyone help me with this? And tell me more similar instances in both American and British.
sorry for mistakes in the text if anyone correct them I appreciate that.
thanks a lot