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    Talking Children - study a foreign language - earliest grades?

    If you have free time, can you please read my essay for the IELTS test and comment on my writing style?

    All children should study a foreign language in school, starting in the earliest grades. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?

    Should school children be taught a foreign language in the first grades of their study? Opinions are divided on this issue. Some people argue in favour of the proposal, whereas others oppose it strenuously. From my own perspective, both criteria should be given equal consideration.

    A sizeable percentage of people support the view that the best way to learn a foreign language is to start studying it during childhood since it is difficult to learn new things when you grow older. When it comes to information, children are more eager to absorb it; while adults are busy analyzing it to decide whether to receive the information or not. One typical example of this is that children listen and repeat exactly what they heard without question about grammar, which makes it easier for them to learn speaking, especially in the case of spoken language.

    On the other hand, there are also quite a few people who claim that it would be extremely demanding for kids when they first go to school. In fact, they are still acquiring their mother tongue by improving skills such as reading and writing at primary schools. It is likely that they will be mistaken between two languages and apply the technique for learning their native language to the foreign language, which can result in negative effects. For example, a Vietnamese kid may spell ‘because’ as three separate syllables to memorize how to write it as all Vietnamese words contain one syllable.

    Taking everything into account, I believe children should be given opportunities to study foreign languages from their first days of school; however, we also need to consider the amount of curricula in order not to put too much pressure on our children.
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