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    new teacher

    i need info on free ways to send a specific student to the usa to live a year with a family so as to learn english. I know they can pay a bundle with some agencies. I know that!
    Im looking for cheap ways, interchange BARTER if i may where they accept an incoming student then a year later they send their kid abroad. Any other ways? we live in a world where english speaking is the new money. If you dont speak well ,youre poor!
    Its unfortunate that those with cash can get private clases at home, bilingual schools,and send abroad all their kids. But what about the rest of the country? They cant afford such classes orschools or a yr abroad if its expensive. Any body interested in starting a plan for the underdogs? English is the new money and the rich get richer. Can we change that? [email protected] im in spain

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    Re: new teacher

    Tere are some exchange programmes already, which reduce costs, but staying in a foreign country for any length of time will always be a considerable expense. I have lived in the developing world and the situation is worse there as English has become a tool of the elite- only the elite can afford access to private education, thus perpetuating themselves. The internet levels the playing field a bit, but outside the developed world, internet access is also a fairly elite thing, which means that though there are many free sites available on the internet, those without access are automatically excluded, the digital divide.

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