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    Question Analyzing a sentence

    I'm currently studying English and I'm having a hard time understanding one of the tasks given by the teacher.

    The task is:

    "Identify the clause patterns of the main clauses, and write down all the words that belong to the individual clause elements (S, V, O, C, A). What meaning or use is typically associated with the respective clause patterns? Do you find that this meaning matches the usage in the text?"

    The text:

    Most verbs are regular (O), in that their forms (S) can be predicted (V) by a small set of rules (O). About 300 verbs(S) in English are (V) irregular (O), in that some of the forms (S) are (V) partly (A) or wholly unpredictable.

    The letters in brackets are added by me, but I'm not sure if I'm correct. I feel confident as far as the subject and verb, but not the rest. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Analyzing a sentence

    Here's a hint - nouns and adjectives following linking verbs are not labelled as objects.

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    Re: Analyzing a sentence

    I would love to help you, but I believe that your teacher does not use the American system, which is the one I know. Sorry.

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