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    iam sherly i wanted to ask you a doubt about the use of the preposition before that can i use a past form of a verb next to the preposition before
    i wrote a letter before i left the office is this sentence is correct? if so give me a explanation

    I wrote a letter before i leave the office is it a correct sentence? if it is wrong give me the reason


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    Re: Hai

    In your examples before is not a preposition, it is a linker introducing a time clause. Time clauses can refer to several "times":

    To the past:
    I wrote a letter before I left the office. (First I wrote the letter, then I left)

    To the future:
    I'll write a letter before I leave the office (First I'll write the letter, then I'll leave"

    But your second example is a mixture. "I wrote a letter before I leave the office" The first part speaks about the future ( I wrote) and the second seems to refer to the future (before I leave), so it makes no sense.

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Hai

    Thank you

    Now i got the correct explanation


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