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    My city has decided to build a new statue

    My city has decided to build a new statue
    I live in Gyumri. It is a small town in the North of Armenia. Gyumri is often spoken as the cultural capital of Armenia. Although it is a small and a rather poor town, it has a great number of museums, theaters, parks and statues. The majority of statues are honored to people of art, such as actors, poets, heroes from history. Thatís why, if I were given an opportunity to choose, I would ask the government to build a statue for the victims of the earthquake in 1988, December 7. In other words it is called the earthquake of Spitak. In the result of this disastrous earthquake over 30.000 people died and 10.000 people got hard injuries. My choice is based on the following reasons.
    First of all, as already mentioned, the town and the people have suffered greatly from this earthquake. Twenty-five years have passed after the earthquake, however, there is not a single monument or statue in our town reminding people about this catastrophe. I think that our town must have at least one statue honored to the earthquake victims and people must visit it not only on December 7 but much oftener. There must always be fresh flowers near it.
    The second reason for my wish concerns future generations. There is a possibility that after several years young people will no more remember the earthquake of 1988. I think that building a statue will prevent people from the oblivion of this event. For example, when passing near the statue inquisitive people will probably be interested what is it and who is it for. In other words, even if people have never listened about the earthquake of Spitak the statue can be a kind of information source.
    In conclusion, it must be mentioned that not always prominent people can merit a statue but also a group of people who have died or suffered from a catastrophe, such as genocide, tsunami, war or earthquake. I think that my town has a lack of statue for the victims of the earthquake of Spitak.

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    Re: My city has decided to build a new statue

    Haha this is a fun essay. Do you want reviews or are you just sharing it for fun?
    Do keep writing!

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