Some high schools require all students to wear school uniforms. Other high schools permit students to decide what to wear to school.
The clothes of high school students have always been a subject of hot discussions in every country. Some people think that students must wear uniforms to high school, while the others have the opposite opinion. As to me, students should be free in their decision what to wear at school. My view is based on the psychological and physical factors.

Psychologically, students at high school are not children any more. They are in the period of adolescence which means that they stream to freedom in every aspect of life. They try to be independent even from their parents, make independent decisions about what to do, where to go, what to wear. I think that obliging students to wear uniforms will disrupt the development of their self-affirmation and even can have bad psychological consequences. By choosing clothes to wear at high school will help to develop taste and style in students, because school is the only place where they go nearly every day. Besides, they see what looks nice and what style of clothes is most appropriate for school by seeing their schoolmates.

From the physical aspect, students must feel comfortable in their clothes. I think that comfort is the most important feature when choosing clothes to wear. Especially for everyday clothes its a must to be comfortable. When wearing uniforms students cannot wear their favorite jeans or sweaters or shirts, thus feeling as if tied with raps. It can even disturb them so much that they will not be able to concentrate on their studies.

In summary, it might be said, that to the question whether or not high school students must wear uniforms, I answer No. Students must be free what to wear to school, because it is very important to have freedom and develop independence in their actions, as well as to feel comfortable and convenient during the classes.