There is no doubt that people differ from generation to generation. That is to say, there are special characteristics for people belonging to a certain generation. For example, I think that people of last generation, such as my parents, are extremely elaborate. They like to work much, and it seems that they never get tired. The same can't be said about today's young people or, in other words, new generation. In my opinion the main characteristics defining my generation are awareness and comfort.

It is not a secret that today's youth has the greatest opportunity to be aware of everything, every event and every phenomenon. It is, of course, due to modern technologies, i.e. computers and the Internet. The presense of these wonders in our lives makes everything faster and easier. For example, even if everything implied in this broad network is contained in books, it would take a considerable long time to find the desired information from peoples in past. So, there is no need to search the libraries for finding a certain book or referance. Even the laziest person in today's life can be aware of things by just a few clicks.

Another aspect that distinguishes my generation from the others is the maximum comfort available to almost everybody. All the types of modern transportation, kitchen equipments, working tools have been invented in this century. For example, a woman coming home from work must be certainly very tired. However, she does not worry much about preparing a supper for the whole family, because she knows that she has a microwave oven, a blender, a mixer and other tools to help her. One can breakfast in Paris and dinner in New York due to the modern airplanes. All of these make our lives more comfortable.

To sum up, it might be said that there are really a lot of advantages my generation posesses today, which were not available to people in the past. And I have a strong belief that future generations will lead an even more comfortable and better life.