What country to visit?
It can be surely said that travelling is a favorite hobby for millions of people around the world. I am not an exception. I like travelling, though the number of my long-distance journeys is not very great. As I am asked to choose a country to visit, I will choose Great Britain, especially London. My choice is based on the following reasons.

Firstly, I have been interested in this country since school years as English was one of the subjects studied at school. The pictures of the old buildings in text-books have inspired me and visiting this country has become somewhat a dream for me. I have always dreamed of seeing the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace and, of course, the Queen herself with my own eyes. I would like to visit all the famous museums in London as well, especially Madam Tussaud’s museum to see many famous “people” there and take pictures with them. Besides, I would certainly visit the old universities of Cambridge and Oxford not only because they have great historical value but also it was once my dream to study in one of these popular universities. Now I will be happy with just seeing the buildings.

Another reason for my preference is that I would like to have deeper knowledge about the history and the culture of England and the English people because I really like this country. For example, a few years ago one of my friends visited London and after his visit he told me such things I had neither read nor heard about it. I realized that if I wanted to know England well I would rather visit it. A visit to historical places of England with a tour guide will be a good chance to learn more things and events taken place there.

In conclusion, it might be said that though there are not luxurious beaches in London, anyway I would choose to visit it and it would be the accomplishment of my dream.