Hello, recently I wrote my motivation letter for applying to university. I would like to ask about an opinion and if you find something that should be corrected please comment!


Dear Sir or Madam,

In the following letter I would like to introduce myself and describe my ambition for studying Accountancy in the University of Aberdeen.
I grew up in a Bulgarian town, called Dupnitsa. I started my education in the local secondary school “Paisii Hilendarski” and I am currently a student of high school “Hristo Botev”. Over the years I have been devoted in acquiring a good schooling because I believe that this is the right way to determine a bright future. That is why, when I graduate, I want to continue my education in the best way possible. In the past few months I have been interested in studying abroad.Furthermore, this idea has become my dream and I am very motivated to fulfill it.

One of the reasons why I desire to study abroad is that this would be a perfect opportunity to master my English. I have been learning it for many years and I really like it. I am also eager to learn other foreign languages, as I think that they are indispensable for my future realization. Being fluent in different languages has always been a quality that is exceptionally helpful in any career.

I have done researches about many universities and colleges all over the world and I am strongly interested in the University of Aberdeen. I have read and heard a lot of positive opinions about it and I believe that this varsity is exactly what I am looking for. I chose to apply to your university, because of the number of advantages it has. Firstly, the facilities are very contemporary and convenient.Secondly, education is on a high level, which contributes to the big number of graduates, who either find a job, or continue their tuition successfully. The last one is especially important for me.

In the University of Aberdeen, I would like to apply for the Undergraduate course of“Accountancy”. Studying on this program would help me achieve my goal, which is working in the fields of banking and finance. Some of my characteristics have convinced me that I would succeed to build a career in this area. One of my personality traits is that I am a perfectionist. I pay attention to details because, as a basis, they are very important. Another quality of mine is that I am inquisitive and constantly do my best to broaden my knowledge. As for my relationships with people, honesty and responsiveness are probably my most distinguished characteristics. I am also actively engaged in sports, which has given me discipline and has made me organized and reliable. In addition, I do well in problem solving and I always take responsibility when it is necessary.

In conclusion, if I am given the opportunity to study in the University of Aberdeen, I would consider this as an essential step towards my future realization. Living abroad, away from my home and family, would definitely be a big challenge but I am optimistic that anything could be achieved with hard work and ambition.