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    would rather that

    I read in a book,it said that "would rather that,when used with two subjects in the present,can be followed by the simple form of the verb or past tense.It will be followed by the simple form when it has a subjunctive meaning.It will be followed by the past tense when the meaning of the sentence is contrary to fact,just as that rule affects conditional sentences and the verb wish"
    Then it give me 2 formulas:
    subject1+would rather that+subject2+[verb in simple form]
    subject1+would rather that+subject2+[verb in simple past tense]

    I don't know whether I can trust what this book says,because I had read another grammar book about this case,but that book said we just use the past simple after "would rather that" to express both the present subjunctive and the present contrary to fact.could anyone give confirm it for me?Which books is right?Thanks a million

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    Re: would rather that

    You can use the two forms suggested by the first book. However, some people rarely or never use the present subjunctive, especially British English speakers.


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