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    TO - preposition

    I would like to seek someone assistance to solve the below problems.

    This half day event, organised by the Building Simulation Group, aims to explore current and future approaches to achieving zero carbon buildings design. With current and future building regulations putting an emphasis on reducing carbon emission from buildings, having zero carbon buildings is expected to become more challenging than previously experienced by building designers and operators.

    1. …to achieving zero carbon building design. (From my limited knowledge, “achieving” is gerund and “ to” act as preposition, but what situation can use “to” as preposition or infinitive.)

    2. …buildings is expected…( Is buildings a singular noun?)

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    Re: TO - preposition

    1 If to is associated with an adjective/noun, etc, it is a preposition- you have an approach to something, so if it's a verb you want, it's a gerund not an infinitive.

    2 It's a singular noun phrase - having zero carbon buildings - that is the subject, not just the word buildings.

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