I usually teach my classes in the following manner and I feel this method is terribly inadequate, especially with advanced students. Please review and comment on my method, and if possible make book and article reading recommendations, items you have personally found useful in your teaching. I don't care for theory. I need techniques. I'm really sceptical of language teaching theories.

I teach at the college level. The students are expected to learn enough English to be able to read texts in their own fields. Usually, they pass three or four English courses at college, with the first two focused on general English, and the later courses focused on ESP with respect to their own fields of specialty.

First, I read the text aloud for the students to listen for pronunciation, and explain the meaning of new words in Persian. Then ask students to read the text aloud one by one. Usually each student reads one paragraph and then I ask reading comprehension and vocabulary questions and they are expected to answer in English. Then we do exercises, I ask questions and give explanations as needed.

I feel this method is terribly inadequate and boring. I want to add variety and interest to my work.