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    Talking 84-gene splicing

    Dear all


    What does (Gene splicing) mean in the following sentence?

    "In certain cases, they can even use techniques of recombinant DNA or GENE SPLICING to insert a fragment of gene from one animal directly into genes of another, usually by splicing it into a chemical."

    Does (gene splicing) mean joining genes or cutting genes?

    Thanks a million


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    Smile Re: 84-gene splicing

    Gene splicing involves cutting out part of the DNA in a gene and adding new DNA in its place. The process is entirely chemical with restriction enzymes used ...

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    Re: 84-gene splicing

    Gene therapy can be used to treat variety of genetic disorders. Gene is a fragment of DNA which codes for a protein. In gene therapy defective gene is removed and the functional gene is inserted to make it work. This procedure is known as Gene Splicing.

    In lay man's language gene splicing is cutting one gene (usually defective) from DNA and joining other gene (usually functional) in place of the first one to cure the disorder.

    I hope it helps. I am working in the field of Biotechnolgy, you are most welcome to ask further information.

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: 84-gene splicing

    i'm really lucky because you are a member in this site and can help me in such questions :D



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