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    Hai iam sherly,

    i just want to clarify a doubt about the prepostion before the qustion is can i use a past form of the verb next to the prepostion before?
    as in this sentence

    i wrote a letter before i left the classroom
    is this sentence correct?

    i wrote a letter before i leave the calss room

    is this sentence wrong if so give me the reason

    hope for your reply as soon as possible

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    Re: prepostion

    i wrote a letter before i leave the calss room
    This sentence is wrong,because both of the two actions were taken in the past,so you have to use the simple past tense in both 2 clauses!

    the preposition "before" is used to show which action happened first.just use the simple past in both 2 clauses
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    Re: prepostion

    sory iam not clarified with your explanation and even i feel it a mistake that the both actions was taken is a wrong sentence can you explain me detail that about the use of prepostion before and untill because i was given instuction by a teacher that i should not use a past form of a verb next to certain prepositions

    so please give me a detailed explnation

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