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    Textual Analysis Paper

    Hello, Teacher

    I'm a college student at the University of Memphis that's looking for someone to proofread my textual analysis paper on "a parent's role in the special education process". In addition, add your own comments as what I need to add more of and what i do not need in this analysis paper, Thanks.

    Down below is my essay of what i have so far...

    How would a parent respond to their child failing all classes or receiving multiple calls each day about their child’s behavior and special needs? Many would ask several questions such as, What is my role as a parent? What do I have to offer? What should I do? Say? Not do? Because many believe they are not educators, most parents do not understand that they have a unique role to play in the special education process. In, A parent’s Role in the Special Education process, published by Ohio State Legal Services Association, informational brochures were developed to properly educate parents on the do’s and don’ts of educating children who have special needs. In this document, it also simply expresses how important it is for parents to be involved in their child’s education. This is accomplished through the usage of very simple language, graphics, and arrangement.

    The use of graphics in this pamphlet seems to parallel the simplistic nature of the text. Shawn Highland, the author of this hand booklet, uses several different images outlining the many steps parents should follow to better understand the particular assistance their children really need. The author discusses the importance of visiting a doctor, meeting with their child’s teacher, and talking with their child about their grades and behavior. Yet, images that are appealing, thoughtful, eye catchy, and resourceful to parent’s who have concerns about their child’s performances in class. Therefore, Mr. Highland’s purpose of this document is further codified through the usage of simple language and images, which responds to parents who worry about their child’s seemingly inability to perform in classes.

    In the sense of language, Mr. Highland avoids terminology that inessentially makes the booklet useless, because of special education lingo that is understood or identifiable only after many years of being associated with special education. For example, in this text he uses simple sentences and actionable steps such as, “ask what she is learning. Keep track of her grades and behavior. Keep very organize records. Ask your child about school” (blank). All sentences are not only simple, but at the same time offer actionable steps for parents to better understand and address their child’s special needs. Many would say the sentence structure he uses is inappropriate for adults, but more appropriate for only third graders. Some people, on the other hand, would insist that his language usage is intentional to grab reader’s attention, while allowing for continuity. One would say that diction and arrangement is extremely generic, but at the same time purposefully. Parents grasp a better understanding of what not to do, and what to do for their child’s special needs. As a result, parents are informed and confident when discussing with others the reason for seeking out additional support for their children.

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    Re: Textual Analysis Paper

    "add your own comments as what I need to add more of and what i do not need in this analysis paper, Thanks.

    Down below is my essay of what i have so far..."

    Your introductory comments above are not bad, but have some little problems of their own:
    1. "as what I need" This should be "as to what I need."
    2. "what i do not need" This should be "what I do not need."
    3. "what i have so far" This should be "what I have so far."
    Little errors like this suggest that you are not checking your sentences carefully enough.

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