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    Discourse Analysis

    I'm doing my A level english coursework on the differences between males and females speech in a formal interview. Whilst doing my discourse analysis i have come across a comment written by my teacher. He mentions that there is a difference between 'cohese' and 'cohere'. I have tried to look on the internet for definitions, but they are limited and i still do not understand the difference between the two. SOMEONE HELP! it's due in tomorrow.

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    Re: Discourse Analysis

    Cohesion has to do with how particular texts in effect have links within them, from one part to another. Various languages have different cohesive devices for expressing such links....Coherence has to do with an impression of wholeness.

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    Re: Discourse Analysis

    does anyone have or know a link to discourse analysis research report??..i have been trying to search online but havent found any suitable one..:((...

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    Re: Discourse Analysis

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