I am applying for an exchange semster in Canada. Here is the text:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I want to introduce myself as a candidate for a semester abroad in the Ontario- Baden- Württembrg student exchange program for the 2014-2015 academic year and illustrate my motivation and suitability for this program.

First of all I want to describe myself and my previous studies. After finishing my A-levels in June 2012 I began to work in the logistic services of the xxx AG in xxx(Germany) for three months. Currently, I am studying economics in the third semester at the University of xxx. I decided very deliberately for this study because I thought my interests would be covered in the best possible way with this study. I am very interested in Finance and capital markets. Next semester I have to select my specialization. However I already decided, which courses I will select: Banking & Finance, Econometrics and Industrial Economics. I have a strong affinity for working with numbers and for quantitative problems. Based on this I think that these specializations are in accordance with my interests. Furthermore I am engaged in the xxx e. V. which is a student consulting company. As a Trainee I had to carry out an internal project with the subject " customer- oriented marketing". This project lasted over 5 months and I gained a lot of positive experience like the importance of a good teamwork or to motivate myself in difficult times. Additionally, I will start a monthly workshop in Finance for members who aren't studying something with economics. With this, I will try to explain them the most important stuff about Finance. So I hope that I will give them some useful information which they will not hear during their studies. Starting with this semester I will also become a mentor for a new member in our club. I will help him with the work in our club and also support him with his studies. During my next semester break I will make an internship at one of the BIG Four auditors in the Financial Advisory departure.

My motivation for participating in an exchange semester is immense. From a young age, I am fascinated by the North American culture, the people's way of living and of course its breathtaking landscapes. It is generally known that Canadian people are very friendly, helpful and open-minded. All of these attitudes are in conjunction with my own personality. Like I said at the beginning of this text, I like to help people and share my own experiences with them. As a result I think that I am really able to fit in the Canadian society and to learn a lot of new people. One of the most important reason why I am applying as a candidate in the OBW programs is the landscape in Canada. Canada's unique scenery is hardly to be excelled in beauty. I am sure that students who come to Canada will witness one of the most beautiful, natural and untouched environments in the world. The country has also a great diverse geography: On the one hand you can find in the North and West untouched nature with a great number of amazing animals and the majestic Rocky Mountains, on the other hand you can find in the East the endless Atlantic coast with outstanding Fjords. These are all places I would love to visit. Therefore the exchange semester would give me the possibility to visit and see these nice sceneries.
There are several academic reasons for applying as a candidate in the OBW program. One important reason is Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that I’ll be earning a high-quality education that will open doors for my future. There is no doubt that a exchange semester in Canada will improve my career aspirations working in a financial-oriented industry. Another reason for applying for Universities in Canada is their study systems. The Universities offers a very good British study system. It would allow me to visit and select courses which completely distinguish from economics. I would really enjoy the possibility to visit courses in politics and history. That means for me that I can enlarge my own horizon which is a great possibility I don't have here at my own University. Another reason is the enormous number of international students in Canadian universities. Because of my own international background- my parents immigrated in the early 70s from Turkey into Germany- I have a very good intercultural experience and understanding. Therefore I am very interested to study and discuss in an international environment with people who have other views on things or topics because of their own cultural background. Due to this fact I see an exchange semester in Canada as a very good possibility to get in contact with these students and to face the challenge to work with them in teams. Another major reason is the possibility to be participated in one of the students organizations offered by the Universities. I am highly interested in participating in soccer clubs or fitness clubs, but also to be participated in clubs which are discussing about international politics and financial topics would be a great engagement besides my studies. Finally I want to say that I am a highly motivated, international, social and team-oriented student. I want to play an active role in order to make the best of the opportunities that the Canadian universities offers.

An exchange semester would also improve my English skills. OF course, I am aware that my TOEFL score is not a very good one, but I am constantly trying to improve my language skills: This semester I am visiting the Business English 1 course I will finish with a C1 certification. Furthermore I am weekly meeting with an English native exchange student which also enormously improves my English.

It would be my pleasure to represent the University of xxx at one of the outstanding universities which are participated in the Ontario- Baden- Württemberg student exchange program. I regard the exchange term not only as a great chance to enlarge my professional knowledge, but also to enrich my abilities in the social and intercultural fields. I want to play an active role in order to make the best of the opportunities offered me by the Canadian Universities. Thus, I would highly appreciate the opportunity to be invited for a personal interview.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours faithfully,