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    My 1st essay..Can you help?


    I hope your all fine, well the essay is to write about my favorite relative.. And i have already done it.. but i need your comments or correction if you don't mind.

    <My favorite relative>

    My favorite relative is my brother ".......", who impressed me with his great manners, which led me to like him.

    My brother is a very caring and loving person. He has a wide space for giving, caring and loving the others.

    I always remember how much he gives me, i can't forget his favour in advising me when ever i make a mistake. His way in advising me made me feel how much those advises have a cover of a loving brother.
    Moreover, he is very helpful but in a special way, he helps the others as he can without expecting anything from them towards his help.

    In addition, when i'm in a bad mood, he helps me to be happy again by his nice conversation.

    My brother is always there when i need him. I really wish to have a husband like him.

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    Re: My 1st essay..Can you help?

    No answer yet!!

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    Re: My 1st essay..Can you help?

    Ok, then thnx alot

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