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    Count Six Apples

    Suppose there are six apples on a table:

    "I see six apples."

    The present tense works here because the act of uttering that sentence overlaps in time with the act of seeing the apples.
    So, would the use of present tense instead of past in the following utterance:

    "I count six apples."

    be wrong, since the act of counting the apples must finish before the act of uttering that sentence?

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    Re: Count Six Apples

    "I count six apples" is natural and correct in some contexts. For example, you say to me "There are five apples" and I reply "I count six apples."

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    Re: Count Six Apples

    And I could confirm Probus' figure with And I make it 6 too.

    However, in both of these, the act of counting may be past, but the acceptance of the number is not. If you just walked into a room, looked at the apples and used I count 6 apples, it would sound very peculiar.

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