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    Similies and collective nouns

    I am an English speaker, living in Belgium, and have been asked to hold conversation groups for scientists at the local government research institutions to help them when taking part in international conferences and symposia.

    I have been "head-hunted" precisely because I am not a trained teacher. I am not supposed to teach, per se, just correct grammar and improve fluency and vocabulary. However, they have asked for collective nouns eg a flock of sheep, a herd of cows, a murder of crows and also similies eg as blind as a bat, as mad as a hatter. I can't find them on here.

    Have I missed them? Could you advise me where I can find them.


    Sarah Dudfield

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    Re: Similies and collective nouns

    For similes, you could start here:

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    Re: Similies and collective nouns

    Thanks very much. That's perfect.


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