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    as opposed to

    Dear teachers,

    "I would prefer it if we met in the morning, as opposed to the evening." Does this sentence mean that we didn't meet in the morning but in the evening. Here does "as opposed to" mean kind of despite(of) or instead(of)? I am pretty confused about the word "as opposed to". But believe I have also looked up in dictionaries. Still not clear.

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    Re: as opposed to

    It means the same as "rather than". The person is saying that they do not want to meet in the evening, they would prefer to meet in the morning. It could have been worded:

    I would prefer to meet in the morning rather than the evening.
    I would prefer to meet in the morning, not the evening.

    All three versions mean that the person is trying to make it clear that, of the two options on offer (morning or evening), they prefer the morning for the proposed meeting. No mention has been made, for example, of an afternoon meeting. This suggests that the people involved in the discussion all know that morning and evening were the only two meeting times being considered.

    It's also possible that the person receiving this message has suggested an evening meeting and the speaker is saying "Actually, for me, the morning would be better".
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