I just wrote a motivation letter and i need ur help,
So please tell me if i should change or add or correct something
Thank you

October 31, 2013

Dear Professor,

I appreciate this opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application for entrance to Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program at the University of Applied Sciences.

I am equally challenged and fascinated by the world of information technology, and this is the main reason why I decided to switch my study path after a gaining a diploma in automobile repair.
During my study years I have shown discipline, enthusiasm and motivation, and that was noticed by my professors who chose me for a very selective internship at the same university. This experience along with other internships led me to expand my area of expertise what I have studied in classrooms.
This technical and professional development was paired by a personal growth that I experienced while participating in a social project in Bielefeld; Germany, where I was hosted by a typical German family and had to step out of my comfort zone by working and communicating on daily basis with people from all over the world and with different backgrounds.

After coming back I began teaching myself the German language, I have recently passed the Goethe admission test that allow me to start studying with at the A2 level. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an official document on time for my application but you may contact the Goethe center in Casablanca for any further information in regards with this test

Having the opportunity to do a Bachelor degree in your university will enable me to learn, expand and develop my professional and scientific basics, especially in electrical engineering and electronics, mathematics and programming, digital and microcomputer technology during the first three semesters. I did not come to contact with these subjects in my previous bachelor and this before majoring in Communications Technology in your university.
I would like to let you know that in case I get accepted in this bachelor, I am planning on working towards a master degree in communications technologies.

To conclude, I would like to add that studying in your university will provide me with the opportunity to grow further as a person by living and studying in an international environment.

Please refer to the accompanying resume to provide you with further details of my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.