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    "Before" in present perfect

    I'm really confused
    We use present perfect to express an action that took place in the past and continue up to the present right?
    Example : "I have never seen that movie BEFORE now"
    so "before now" means the time that before now,the past?but present perfect is used to show an action from the past to NOW,the present???
    Can you please explain why to me? I need to clear this thing up in my head :)
    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: "Before" in present perfect

    Welcome to the forum, english noon.

    Your example is not very natural. We are more likely to say:

    I have never seen that movie before.

    The present perfect is frequently used for a situation that began in the past, and is somehow relevant to the present. The situation may or may not continue up to the present moment. Examples include:

    I have lived in Prague for fourteen years/since 1998. - I am still living in Prague.
    I have worked in Germany several times (, but now I live and work in Prague). - I am not still working in Germany.

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    Re: "Before" in present perfect

    Even more natural would be "I've never seen this movie before" if you watching or about to watch it; or "I've never seen that movie" if you're not watching it.

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