Hello Everyone, could you please help me out by proofreading this short text (a review) I wrote as a part of my preparation to a very difficult exam? I thank you in avance, this exam is very important for me that is why please feel free to say what you really think about my writing skills.

The importance of distinct characters in novels

The issue that the title of this review evokes may seem ridiculous to an average reader, but the truth is that in the literary theory there are many points of view as to how characters in the novel (as a genre) have to be depicted. The point of view that most lay-people and many professional writers find reasonable is that the distinctive presentation of characters is crucial for the plot. Although, the latter statement doesn't really work for certain modern novels and some literary genres (not necessarily modern), it's entirely true in the case of “English Passengers”, a historical novel published in 2000.

Being dedicated to the Aborigine's demise in Tasmania, this text shows a bunch of heros whose (fictional) notes the real reader reads. Each of these (fictional) people impresses the reader in a different way due to the unique writing style the author of the book has chosen for them. To put it simply, all characters are different and, moreover, this difference is underlined by unique, both fictional and utterly realistic, writing style that the author of the novel invented for each of them. In other terms, the notes which presumably belong to the feather of the governor of the island sound different from those created by the aboriginal man (one the characters of the novel).

On balance, there cannot be two mind as to what makes this prizewinning text so good. Whilst being a great piece of historical writing, the text wouldn't have probably been recognized if the author hadn't depicted characters, and especially the way they express their thoughts, so zealously.