First of all, thank you very much for your help, I found this forum a few days ago and I've been reading through it since then. I am applying for a master's degree and here is my first attempt of motivation letter. I took a lot of clues and hints from any other letters you posted here. Look forward to your revision, thank you

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing to express my interest in applying for the Master program of "International
Automotive Engineering" at Ingolstadt University, scheduled to start in March 2014. I appreciate
this opportunity to provide further information in support of my admission procedure and I
strongly believe that my educational background and deep concern in this field of study make me
a very good candidate for this programme. Finding out about how things are functioning around
us, has always influenced me. My childhood dream job was becoming a Mechanic,I used to fix
things no matter in right way or the other. Sometimes, it was a perfect match while some time
become a disaster. I was always curious about search the amazing stuffs. From simple kids
toys to complex machines. Watching what you have repaired or rebuilt, working was enjoyable. I
am always ready to learn new things, especially those that represent a challenge for me.
I graduated with a bachelorís degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Al Ghurair
University, College of Engineering and Applied Science in United Arab Emirates (Dubai) in 2012.
I got 1st class honours in several important and relevant subjects such as Microelectronic
Circuit, Electronics II, Em Field and Wave (Electromagnetic Field and Wave) , Signals and
Systems , Power Plant Technology and High Voltage Engineering as well as 1st class honours
in several mathematics subjects such as Calculus II , Probability and Statistics and Linear
Algebra amongst many others student as you can see in my academic transcript. I also have a
good knowledge of physics and computer sciences since it was essential during my studies due
to the wide range of different disciplines that Electrical and Electronics Engineering involves,
soon after starting my studies I realized that the mechatronics was the specialty that I really
wanted to focus on.
During study, I was selected to do an internship for an engineering consultancy in Sharjah and
Ajman (UAE) for a period of six months, working on several Construction project. This
experience allowed me to gain valuable and practical knowledge in Mechanical and Electrical in
construction Engineering Fields, but that was not my aims, During my course of study at
baccalaureate level I was particularly interested in Mechatronics ,Control Engineering,
Mechanics of machines and Design these areas in which I would like to develop my future
career. Like a coin having two faces, I feel that extra curricular activities are as important as
studies in estimating a student's overall capacity. I was a member of the college basketball
Football teams. These experiences were very helpful in learning how to work with a team, which
I believe is very essential for master studies where I will have to interact with a diverse group of
people from all over the world. Armed with Bachelor degree is just not enough in today's
competitive world. You need to be equipped with the arsenal of higher degree and experience at
the same time.
After deciding the subject, the hardest part was choosing the country and the University. Since
German universities have great reputation all over the world. As It is full of vibrant colors, highly
technological and International standard quality education this was main reason that drives me to
study in Germany. studying in multicultural university enables me to improve my interpersonal
talents which gives me a global view how to communicate with people from different cultures. I
look forward to see my dreams come true by becoming an alumnus of your university. I believe I
have made the right choice to continue my studies and I would kindly ask for an opportunity to to
complete my Master in Automotive Engineering.

Your Sincerely