So, I need to write a motivation letter for a training course. I just want to make sure that is well-written and without any kind of spelling mistake.

"Lisbon, 4th November 2012

Dear Dr. Jordi Moya-Laraño

I am writing to apply for the training course “R without fear: an R course in evolutionary ecology”. I am a master’s student of the course Evolutionary and Developmental Biology of Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, and I’m currently working on my thesis, which focuses on animal behavior with an evolutionary ecology perspective.
Since I’m doing laboratory work, I will have to handle a lot of data. Therefore, a statistical analysis will be necessary and I was told that R is one of the best software available for that. However, I have little knowledge in how to work with this kind of software. Therefore, a training course like this would be necessary to improve my skills and to work with R “without fear”. I was an honors student during all my academic studies, so I’m used to work hard to achieve perfection I think it’s necessary for my success. And I strongly believe that this course would help me improve my statistical analysis and achieve my objectives during my master’s degree.
I should be picked since I’m sure I won’t waist the knowledge that this course can provide. In fact, I will have my data to analyze around the same time of this course, so I will have to apply the knowledge almost immediately, which is perfect, since I’m sure I won’t forget how to use the skills that you will want to teach during your classes.
In view of the above, I am particularly interested in this course to achieve good academic results during my research and master’s thesis.

Best regards,
Gonçalo Silva"

Thanks for the help!