Basically i was given a scenario the scenario was: You need to write a letter to your council about "Mischievous Night", you either agree or disagree..... (Don't forget, firstly..... secondly.... Thirdly....)

64 Zoo Lane
West Yorkshire

27th May 2009
99 Christborn Avenue
North Yorkshire

Dear sir/Madam,
Firstly, i am writing as an extremely concerned neighbor to an elderly lady to inform you about mischievous night (Also known as mizzy night). In my opinion this night shouldn't be allowed to go ahead, i'm not saying ban the night although that would be nice but at least you could do is put something in place to stop the elderly generation feel threatened of young teens on this one night.

Secondly, each year on the 4th of November many elderly people in Castleford are suffer from many kinds of heart conditions and recently in the past 2 years the percentage of elderly ladys/gentlemen having heart attacks has risen 18%, Last year our village lost 2 elderly women due to young teens gnoming (This is where you stand in the window with your head down and do a sudden jump to frighten people behind the window). Many elderly civilians feel terrorized in their own neighbor hood on this one night. It's unfair.

Thirdly, you should put things in order for this not to happen, such as....

  • More police around the area, less crimes committed and people feel more safe
  • Catch them in the act
  • Make it a law, you're not aloud to get up to anything mischievous on the 4th of November

Please put any of these in to place, this is an argent cry for help, would you like your elderly grand parents or parents to suffer this on one night? Would you like to be put in this situation? Would you honestly like to feel terrorized in your own home?

I hope you take what i've said into consideration, thank you for taking your time to read this, i hope to hear from you soon, just remember, would you like to be put in this situation? "Treat others how you'd like to be treated". Thank you.

Yours Faithfully

Stephanie Wardle.

This was my letter back, it needs to be marked, please mark the punctuation, spelling, grammer, anything, this would be a big help, thank you ever so much :)