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    Dear Teacher,

    Please correct this letter for me



    Mrs. M. M. Gelson - Project Secretary

    The contract period of the above employee is due to expire on 31.03.06. She has requested for a contract renewal together with a 25% allowance of her salary for covering the duties of TAARP Project.

    Mrs. Gelson joined at the inception of the project on contract basis. Her reiterate request for a salary increment has been turned down several times, whereas all the other employees who joined the project on contract basis were granted salary increments. She is the only surviving employee contracted since the project launching and her services are vital to the project as she is informative.

    I recommend her granting the allowance requested since as she is deserved it.

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    Re: Recommendation

    requested for a- requested a
    renewal- renewal,
    on contract basis.- a
    reiterate- delete
    project launching- was launched
    since as- since
    she is deserved- she deserves

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